Hi! I'm Rebekah, a singing fashionista and entrepreneur living in NYC.

I am Rebekah Beaver (AKA Beka), founder and creator of RLBelles.com, a trendsetting E-commerce and pop-up experience, offering first-rate collections and exceptional customer service to clients from the comfort of their own homes. As a performer living in NYC, I have spent the last several years struggling to survive while reaching for my dreams. It has been quite the juggling act. Forever creative, and a leader in many areas of life (I'm a Leo after all), I find it more fulfilling to "do my own thing" rather than what some may consider "the path" to survival, success and happiness. Along the way, for several years of working in art galleries, constantly training in my craft, and so many more experiences, including styling (check out the upcoming 2017 Halo Awards to spy jewels from my boutique) and wardrobe assisting, I have come across quality pieces, brands, and systems that are undeniably effective for myself and when possible, for the earth. I began to share these products with others (including the NY Emmy's presenters), especially when I saw a deficiency in what they were already using. If I didn't share quality products with others I'd be doing them a disservice. 


I am here to serve. Don't hesitate to reach out - I am here to help. Let me be your go-to stylist and curator for your beauty, accessorizing, and gifting needs. 



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Rebekah Beaver

I love sharing my take on the latest fashion trends and timeless classics to curate quality pieces to pair with your lifestyle and gifting needs. Ask me anything anytime.

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