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My first blog post!

How does one sum up the most epic Met Gala one has seen in the last decade? You don't. You relish every moment and it stays with you for a lifetime. I'll do my own little recap for those who might of missed this glorious event (oh the shame), but I want to also offer some "get the look" ideas from Us real gals need to translate the red carpet to our own daily runways. Am I right?

Heavenly Bodies did not disappoint. The styles and interpretations varied and there were many surprises in between. Katie Perry can fly, Rhianna is a pope godess, Jared Leto is Jesus personified, and Nikki Minage is a temptress. What more could you ask for?

Cara Devegne frequently wears our hair accessories. Her red carpet Met Gala 2018 look took us to the confetional. She is a performer (yes I consider models performers), who challenges us to think, and encourages to embrace mental health topics. How apropos that her look takes us to a place of reflection. Karlee Kloss is another c+i fan that did not disappoint on the red carpet. I love her down to earth demeaner and fun style.

I thought Ariana Grande's look was sweet and subtle. I loved her enthusiasm on the red carpet. It's always nice to see someone really appreciate the story behind their look and the details within. Sistine Chapel on your dress? Yes please! #sundaybest

Just like a prayer, Madonna answered them all with her throwback nod with a modern twist - so many stories are told in her ensemble. I'm feeling Just Like a Prayer and Evita vibes tonight. Thank you, Madonna and team!

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